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  1. Echota West says:

    I took his class out at US Shooting Academy. After talking to several people about their personal conceal carry class instructors, I’m positive that you can’t find a better instructor than this gentleman. Very informative, hands on class. You will not be disappointed.

  2. Janis T. says:

    I really enjoyed this class. Mike Fitch is a great teacher and very knowledgable! I am a real hands on person. I loved the range time! I highly recommend the class.

  3. Tom K. says:

    Great course. Great instructor. Mr. Fitch teaches everything you need to obtain your permit plus a lot of additional practical information from his vast experience. Class sizes are small so that he is able to get everyone involved and can provide the additional help that novices like me need. This class includes some range time which is a real plus.

    Highly recommend

  4. Rea says:

    Wonderful class! Very interactive! I highly reccomend the class!

  5. Mark says:

    Great class! Mr. Fitch provided lots of real life examples that helped you understand various situations you could find yourself in and how to best handle those. In addition, he encouraged questions and participation. Class was informative and fun. He was very patient with those who had little to no experience with fire arms. I would highly recommend him!

  6. Huston F. says:

    Mr. Fitch was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to talk with. Shows genuine concern for every participant in the class. I would highly recommend his class to anyone. Super nice man!

    Thank you again for your service, sir!
    Huston Fields

  7. DEVIN D. says:


  8. Jane Z. says:

    My husband and I both attended Mr. Fitch’s Concealed Carry Class and both had a great experience. Mr. Fitch is very knowledgeable on this topic and provides lots of examples and scenarios that helped us to understand. The class is supported with informative PowerPoint slides, thorough presentations of handguns, as well as handouts, which we will save for future reference. At the shooting range, Mr. Fitch was very patient with me, someone with very little shooting experience. He took his time to train me to shoot with the right precautions and correct form before he let me go. After the class, he even followed up with me via email to recommend a handgun that would be best for me. My husband and I really appreciate how responsible he is as an instructor. We both highly recommend his class.

  9. Courtney D. says:

    Very informational with tons of scenarios, back stories, etc. I loved learning about everything from basics of shooting to what constitutes deadly force. I would highly recommend Mr. Fitch’s class!

  10. Gary H. says:

    Recently took the conceal carry class, and I e got to say I was very impressed by the instructors knowledge in firearms and professionalism. Mike is a very nice and professional guy. If anyone is comcisering taking the course, I would definitely recommend Michael Fitch. He is definitely the one you would want to talk to. Not to mention is a fellow Marine. Semper Fi

  11. Mike M. says:

    I recently went through Michael’s Concealed Carry Class and have nothing but great things to say. Mr. Fitch is a very accomplished firearms training professional. He has a great teaching style and is willing to make sure every student feels comfortable with the material and gun handling regardless of their level of experience with firearms. The facility he teaches in is a top notch facility and he even provided lunch….major bonus!

  12. Dana W. says:

    Went through Mr. Fitch’s class not knowing all that much about pistols and by the time I left there I was shooting a 9mm pretty darn good. Mr. Fitch was an excellent instructor and answered any and all of the questions I had. Then on the range, he was very thorough in explaining every little detail and took the time to show me exactly what to do. Such a nice guy and wonderful teacher. Will definitely be taking his home defense classes.

  13. Houssam E. says:

    I was hesitant about taking such a class, thinking I know all there is to know about law n safety, before or after shooting a perp. I took the class and I was wrong. I learned a lot. Micheal carries lots of experience and knowledge under his belt, I saw that he’s not after the quantity of students or money earned. He’s after quality of proper training. And the awareness of the aftermath when you are in a situation where your life is in danger and you must protect your life and the lives of the loved ones around you. Glad I went.

  14. Vickie says:

    Great class, even for beginners like me! Michael is a great instructor and made it fun. He includes useful material in class and life examples. I am recommending his class to friends!

  15. Steve M. says:

    Mr. Fitch is a great instructor and caters to individuals of all experience levels. I had practically zero experience coming into this class but he definitely made me feel like I fit in and belonged. Take the class with him, you won’t regret it.

  16. Holly L. says:

    This class with Michael Fitch was very inspiring to me, i learned alot about guns and the laws we are supposed abide by. He went above and beyond to help everyone understand this class, i am referring my friend and anyone i know to come and take this class with him. He encouraged me to take some different classes and i will be taking these classes. so highly recommend classes with MIchael Fitch for everyone. Thanks Michael, i will see you soon

  17. CT says:

    It was a great experience for not only experts but beginners like me too!! I was glad that I chose Michael’s class!!!

  18. J. M. says:

    I found the class to be very good. I came away from it feeling more at ease with handling my handgun. Mr. Fitch did a great job covering what you need to know in reference to conceal carry regarding the law. I came away understanding the law , its legal ramifications and practical applications.

  19. Trina says:

    An excellent class. I would definitely recommend this class !!Great instruction..

  20. Byram says:

    It was a great class. The instructor provided lots of real life examples, and kept it fun. He was very patient with those who had no experience with fire arms. I would highly recommend him!

  21. Ben Aubrey says:

    Fun, informative, instructor is Top Notch

  22. Wil P. says:

    Great experience. Awesome teacher. Recommend this course to a lot of people where I work.