The Question About an Out-of-State License

On occasion I receive a call from someone who has moved to Oklahoma or is about to move to Oklahoma.  Their question is; since I have moved to Oklahoma and my conceal and carry license from my home state is still in effect do I have to get an Oklahoma license?  First of all, let’s make it clear that Oklahoma does not allow the transfer of the conceal and carry permit from any state to Oklahoma.  However, Oklahoma does recognize the conceal or open carry permit issued by any other state as long as that permit is still valid.  Although many states have conceal and carry permit laws, there are significant differences between the states.  For example Texas and Oklahoma conceal and carry laws are almost identical. But if you moved to the state of Texas and establish a residency there, you are expected to obtain a Texas CHL.  If you move to the state of Oklahoma and your home state permit has not yet expired your permit may, (emphasize may) still be valid to carry in the state of Oklahoma.  The catch is this, if you move out of your home state and establish residency in another state such as Oklahoma, your home state may consider your license invalid at that point.  There are also some states which will consider your permit valid even though you have changed your state of residence.  So your best course of action is to check with the agency who originally issued your permit.  If that agency still considers your permit valid even though you have changed your state of residency, Oklahoma statutes say they will recognize any valid concealed or unconcealed permit issued by another state. However, if the original issuing agency says your permit is invalid if you’re no longer a resident of that state then you must proceed with obtaining an Oklahoma carry permit.  To my knowledge there is no exemption to any part of the process simply because you previously held a permit from another state.

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