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Our products are an assortment: Training to Conceal and Carry Range Bags, Briefcases, Duffels, Purses, and Accessories.

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The Fourth Man

Wyatt Jacobson strode out of the bookstore just before sunset.  At six feet six inches tall and 220 pounds he was an imposing figure.  His tanned face was jagged with crevices from too much sun, time, and some degree of long standing stress.  He donned his narrow brimmed Stetson and

The Sandwich Shop

We do not know when danger will intrude into our lives, nor do we know where it will appear or what type of threat we may face. Common sense tells us certain areas of town should be avoided. Even places normally safe and peaceful during the day can be dangerous at night. Consider the following s

My Own Self Defense

I cannot say when the idea of self-defense originally took root in my conscience.   It probably started well before my time in the Marine Corps.  But certainly my Drill Instructors and Platoon Sergeants in Quantico imbued me with the precept of being responsible for my own defense and more import

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