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Our products are an assortment: Training to Conceal and Carry Range Bags, Briefcases, Duffels, Purses, and Accessories.

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Self Defense or Murder?

The following is based off reports of an actual event (true story).  The names and location have been changed to keep my young self out of court and jail. It was a typical hot, humid evening in Chelsea, Oklahoma.   Andrew Tolson a prominent attorney in town pulled into the post of

Constitutional Carry

Anyone with an interest in guns in the state of Oklahoma knows by now there is a new law in town.  On February 27th, 2019 Governor Stitt signed into law house bill 2597.  This new law allows citizens who are 21 years of age or older to carry a handgun concealed or on open display.&nbs

The Fourth Man

Wyatt Jacobson strode out of the bookstore just before sunset.  At six feet six inches tall and 220 pounds he was an imposing figure.  His tanned face was jagged with crevices from too much sun, time, and some degree of long standing stress.  He donned his narrow brimmed Stetson and

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